Kate's ADHD Wellbeing 'First Aid Kit'

Would you like guidance on how to implement simple & easy steps to help you feel calmer, kinder and more compassionate towards yourself when your ADHD symptoms feel overwhelming?

I devised this 'first aid kit' to help my own wellbeing while navigating ADHD - undiagnosed and now diagnosed -  and I intuitively go back to these practices on a daily basis to help maintain my emotional wellbeing and equilibrium when everything else feels hard to control. 

So if you're if feeling unmotivated, irritable, low self-esteem, overwhelmed or stuck in a cycle of negativity, try one or two of my options every day and see how it makes you feel?

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Kate Moryoussef

I'm Kate Moryoussef, a Wellbeing and Emotional Freedom coach, host of The Ambitious Mum Podcast and mum to four kids. Recently diagnosed with ADHD alongside my daughter, I now have answers to the many years of wondering what was 'wrong' with me.

After spending many years working on my own wellbeing and mindset to help me overcome what I now know is ADHD, I'm now truly passionate about helping other ADHD women rediscover their wellbeing, confidence, calm, balance and inner peace, while tapping into their expansive potential and realise themselves beyond their ADHD.

I truly love supporting women to recognise what’s been holding them back, why they've felt this resistance and guide them to trust their inner wisdom that's been there all along. By empowering women to make better emotional, lifestyle and wellbeing choices, they begin enhancing their own lives, bringing further long-term joy and happiness to their relationships, careers and beyond.