Top 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

Admin and Filing

Are you drowning in paperwork? 

Struggling to focus?

No idea where to start?

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Give yourself the gift of a Clear Day. Helen x

Clear Day exists to help small business owners find calm and clarity so they can focus on making progress.

How would it feel to have the admin jobs off your plate?

Clear Day provides virtual and on-site freelance admin & secretarial support, to free up your time and headspace.

We take the mind-numbing admin tasks off your list so you can focus on what you want to be doing.

Got a huge pile of filing? Inbox out of control? Database to manage, events & courses to administer, documents to produce and travel to book?

Whatever the administrative task, we can take it on for you, working either from home or at your premises.

We are happy to take on tasks ad hoc, over a few hours, days or weeks. Alternatively we can be contracted to work for you for an agreed number of months at a time. We can work from your premises if you are local to us (Greater Manchester, Cheshire area) but most often we will work remotely from home.

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Feedback on Clear Day

“Helen has a fantastic ability to see a problem, tackle it step-by-step, and to communicate as she works. She is organised, efficient and kind. What more could I ask for from anyone providing administrative support? Helen very much hit the ground running in our organisation, and her ability to start ‘doing’ small things before getting the full details of the work ahead was particularly supportive as we started our working relationship. Highly recommended!”
Dr S Bhopal, International Health Group

“We didn’t know we needed Clear Day until we used them. A chance phone call was all it took & when discussing what Helen & the team do it became “Clear” that they were just what we needed for a small job that just wasn’t getting done anytime soon. We required customer contact & product info migrating from old to new software & until we did this we weren’t able to cancel the old software licence that was costing us £300 pcm.
Jo came into the office & over a couple of visits completed what we’d put off for the past few months as we were always too busy keeping customers happy & the running of day to day business. It cost us less than a months subscription & saved us a lot more going forward as although we would have eventually made time to do this, I’m not sure when that would’ve been. We now keep Clear Day in our minds & are always thinking what they can help us with in the future.”
Wayne Shaw, The Window Company

“Helen recently helped me sort out my very messy database – what a relief it was. She is a model of calm, so just asking her a question and having her give a knowledgeable and speedy answer is a reassurance in itself – even before she actually does the job for you! You know the call to solving your problem is being answered and you can trust her to make things right for you. She is also really friendly and approachable. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask her for any help in Clearing MY Day!”
Sonya O'Sullivan, Stratus Associates Ltd

Give yourself the gift of a Clear Day.