The Activated Earth Summit:

"Connecting with Nature"

Stories of how Nature supports and inspires making life 

beautiful and amazing!

Hosted by Amanda Smith

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Meet The Speakers!

Jamie Della is an ordained priestess, healer, Xicana Witch, and mentor. She is the author of ten books including The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft and the forthcoming, A Box of Magick: A Guided Journey to Crafting a Magickal Life Through Witchcraft, Ritual Herbalism and Spellcrafting, which will be available on September 26, 2023. With healing at the forefront of her Magick, Jamie is a Reiki massage therapist, SoulCollage© facilitator, and teacher of creativity and magickal workshops. She creates a seasonal Magickal Wellness kit with organic herbs from Oshala Farm to teach people about ritual herbalism. She writes two blogs (Writing the Magick and Homesteading the Hollows), an Herbal Journeys column for Witches and Pagan Magazine and offers moon and Sabbat rituals in her free newsletter. 

Deborah A. Frenette is a university and college graduate. Deborah left the business world after 20 years to become a certified hypnotist. She trained in many types of energy techniques, and teaches the spiritual book, A Course in Miracles

Her telepathic connection with real dolphins in Cuba changed her life dramatically, shifting her path to one of healing and spirituality. 

Deborah offers Hypnosis, NeuroModulation Technique, and the Natural Control Method, very effective treatments that activates her client’s own powerful healing channel, the Natural Control System. She is the author of "How to Connect with Our Living Earth: Telepathic Love from the Dolphins “and upcoming “The Miracle of You: Your Secret System”.

Dana O’Driscoll has been an animist druid for over 18 years, and currently serves as Grand Archdruid in the Ancient Order of Druids in America ( She is a druid-grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and is the OBOD’s 2018 Mount Haemus Scholar. 

She is the author of Sacred Actions: Living the Wheel of the Year through Earth-Centered Spiritual Practices, The Sacred Actions Journal, and the forthcoming Healing Hands: Physical and Metaphysical Healing of the Earth books through RedFeather. She is also the author/illustrator of the Tarot of Trees, Plant Spirit Oracle, and TreeLore Oracle and Magical Compendium of Eastern North American Trees. Dana is a certified permaculture designer and permaculture teacher who works to live regeneratively and heal the land. 

Dana lives at a 5-acre homestead in rural western Pennsylvania with her partner and a host of feathered and furred friends.

In 2014 Ian Banyard went for a long walk in nature and discovered what he calls Natural Mindfulness: The restorative power of cultivating nature awareness.

For nearly 10 years Ian has been sharing his process of finding his way back to nature from a fast-paced and high stress lifestyle. Ian has a passion for creating more nature consciousness in the world by helping others discover, heal, understand and release their own true nature. Ian guides people back to nature through his words, guided walks, courses, events and retreats.

Ian lives in the UK Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Gregg Berman is the founder of In Connection With Nature his company which supports deeper connection with the natural world as well as the nature within us for individuals, groups, retreats, corporate wellness and team building. 

He is a seasoned professional in the healing arts, dedicating over 30 years to his craft. As a paramedic, registered nurse, and life coach, his compassionate heart intertwines with his love for the natural world and its inhabitants. With nearly three decades of guiding people on wilderness explorations.

Gregg seamlessly blends his extensive expertise in health and healing, honed through his work as a paramedic and an RN, with mindfulness practices and wildlife rescue. Using his background as a trauma informed life coach and Emotional Freedom Technique tapping practitioner he helps you to connect with the deeper you.

Drawing upon his training in Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing, Gregg offers a transformative and immersive sensorial experience, fostering a profound connection with the natural world.

Diana Tedoldi is an Italian leadership and executive coach with 20+ years of experience in the corporate environment and an international background. She is also the founder of The Nature Coaching Academy, where she teaches how to coach in synergy with nature (the ICF-accredited "Ecosomatic coaching training").

In 2021, Diana gave a TEDx Talk for Aston University (UK), "Letting Nature be your coach".

She regularly speaks at international conferences and corporate gigs about the value of reconnecting with nature for personal and professional growth, social innovation and ecological transition. She works with executive and C-level teams, leaders and change-makers, integrating the power of embodiment and nature within coaching conversations to ignite an interconnected way to feel and perceive ourselves across all our relationships (both human and natural).

Jessica Wimmer is a writer, earth witch, and Appalachian folklorist located in North Carolina. She grew up on mountain mysticism and hand-me-down stories in the Appalachian hills of southwest Virginia. A childhood of being barefoot on the earth made her see nature as our truest home and our relationship with it one of the most rewarding we get to experience.

As a keeper of the old ways, it's Jessica's calling to remind us what it means to be human upon the earth. She believes nature is calling us back to our innate rhythms, slower ways of living, and ancestral traditions so we can live a healthier, fuller, more whole life embracing the sacredness and mystery of the human journey.

Dean Hall has been a licensed clinical therapist and coach for 30+ years, a highly sought-after speaker and  best-selling author of the book: "The Wild Cure: From Death to Life on Oregon's Longest River". 

Dean is also a two-time cancer survivor, a widower and two-time world record-setting extreme distance swimmer.

Immediately after accomplishing his first world record of swimming the cold waters of the 187-mile length of Oregon’s longest river, the Willamette, he was astonished to find that the constant cold water had boosted his immune system and threw his leukemia into spontaneous remission. This gave Dean the courage to explore ways in which nature could then heal his lymphoma as well. In 2015, he discovered the research on forest bathing, started a weekly practice and by March of 2016 was declared cancer free.

These gifts of natural healing pushed Dean to make it his organization The Wild Cure Way, whose mission is to encourage the world to get out of concrete jungles, man made boxes and away from digital devices and dive into wild waterways and venture into deep forests as a form of authentic deep healing and environmental protection.

Sanne Giesen is a certified somatic nature connection coach, herbalist and regenerative leadership guide, with a background in psychology. With The Wild Roots Guide she supports changemakers to come home to nature and to themselves. Growing resilient and deeply rooted in their life and life's purpose through the wisdom of nature and ancient earth skills.

Sanne's way of working is rooted in the wisdom and rhythms of nature, regenerative practices, ancient earth skills and last but not least: your sovereignty. She knows you know the way, and she helps to uncover that inner wisdom together.

Amy Dempster helps in understanding the healing power of the earth. What began as openly sharing her spiritual journey on her popular blog Following Hawks, has become a resource for others wanting to learn how to communicate with nature and share their own unique healing gifts with the earth.

Together with the Spirits of the Land in the mountains of northwest Montana, she tends portals and stargates on the land where she lives, along with any grid keeping work she is assigned. She also leads the Earth Tenders Academy, an immersive online journey to help others re- establish their connection with their ancient ancestors, learn to communicate with the seen and unseen forces in their environment and respectfully offer their healing energy to places in need.

Amy is also the host of the podcast The Earth Keepers.

Katy Theakston is a wild woman, a modern day witch. Her purpose is to help women to rediscover themselves, to reconnect with the cycles of the seasons and to discover a beautiful way of living with their wild and wonderful hearts. And have a little fun along the way - it’s not all Kilner jars and spiders legs!

She is an entrepreneur and founded The Owl and The Apothecary eight years ago, creating a home of sisterhood, ritual & magick.
She works with the energies of the earth to create deeply nurturing, nourishing and rich spaces for women to come home to themselves.

Katy mentors women individually, runs immersive online group programmes and holds retreats on the ancient land of The British Isles.

She has dedicated her work to the earth and to the blood and bones of the women she gathers.

Rachael Te Wano delivers complex multidimensional spiritual and energetic teachings in a simplified practice honouring both your soul and human aspects.

It is her truth that "You are the Divination".

She works in co creation with your highest self, accessing your akashic records through sacred sound and light language, removes galactic entities and deep lineage and past life trauma. Her connection to the earth is leading her in this life to reweave the forgotten threads of ONENESS.

Rachael holds retreats within sacred sites around the world and resides on Wadandi Bodja known to the Wadandi people as the place of bees with her husband and two boys.

She is in a committed service to your awakening and the rhythms of the primordial mother.

Jenny O’Hare is a deep ecologist, writer and facilitator. With a background in Natural Sciences, a weaving through worlds has brought her to the relationship between Humans and everything else. Jenny uses her trainings in Nature Resonance, Eco-therapy, a fellowship in Spiritual Ecology and much more to continue to explore and offer ways of allowing the very many forms of life to remind us all of our belonging.

Currently based in the west of Ireland, she offers facilitation processes, one-to-one and group eco-therapy and mentoring, and workshops in both Sacred and Deep Ecology.

Nicolette Sowder is the founder of Wilder Child and Wildschooling, representing one of the largest global communities of nature-connected parents, home-educators and nature-based educators. Nicolette has a Masters in Writing and formerly taught in a traditional classroom as an ambassador for the Teach for America program. 

Her experience within that paradigm strengthened her resolve to help design nature-rich, whole-child learning experiences. She is doing that as a Cedarsong certified educator at Strong Roots Nature School near Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Together with her husband she also runs a 60 acre farm based on restoration-agriculture principles where she Wildschools her two daughters.