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Not only did Agata’s courses motivate me to learn English on my own, but they also proved that learning can be pure joy. What I like most about the courses is their simple, effortless, and fun form in which you’ll come across extremely useful, day-to-day expressions. The movie clips included in the courses are thoroughly selected by Agata. Thus, on the one hand you’ll learn everyday speech and on the other hand you’ll remember them thanks to entertaining and engaging positive associations that you’ll be able to make while going over the courses. I recommend you Agata if you want to learn practical everyday English.

Marta Grabka, HR Manager

Facing the world full of omnipresent self development seen in self-help books, courses, and tests, it seems particularly challenging to find both yourself and your personal guide. After a long search, I finally came across Agata. Right after our first talk, I knew she was the best fit to work and grow with. Agata is exceedingly engaged and passionate about all our coaching sessions. Her individual, insightful, flexible approach builds up a safe atmosphere full of support and acceptance. Agata creates a space in which you can emerge yourself in order to discover yourself, change your perspective, and find your answers. Each coaching session gives me energy and an action plan with further steps. Above all, I feel stronger and closer to myself.

Aleksandra Bykowska, project manager

MasterMind classes are exceedingly developmental meetings during which you share your afterthoughts and experiences with people who want to grow along and support one another. Additionally, everything is embellished with the language input. Every week we read one chapter from an inspiring book by John C. Maxwell. We also get tasks to do, quizzes, and useful vocabulary-based materials at our disposal. Most importantly, however, this is Agata who runs the meetings greatheartedly and with a vengeance and mission to promote self development in English.

Adrian Wrociński, business consultant and trainer, mentor, coach, co-owner @