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Hello there!

How can I help you?

My name's Agata and I'm a certified business trainer, coach, and an educator for over twenty years.

And now I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. I would be more than happy to help you gain more interpersonal and language competences!

You're more than welcome to join our community. If:

* you're interested in personal growth and you're a (non-native) English speaker,

* you'd like to hone your soft skills (within communication, public speaking, leadership, team-building, self-development),

* you want to understand English content found on YT channels, books, articles, podcast etc. and start applying it more consciously,

* you're a business trainer who wants to run workshops in English,

* you're a business owner, manager, leader in an international organization,

* you just want to hang out in nice company ;) ,

you won't find a better place to grow and hone your leadership/communication skills and brush up on your English simultaneously!