The 2020 A.G.M. Information Page

Hello Members!

Thank you for taking a look. On this page we’ll have all of the latest updates and resources for our upcoming Annual General Meeting – scheduled for 8pm on Tuesday 28th July 2020. Please check in closer to the date for everything you need to know

Some Helpful Links

Download Zoom, the video-conferencing application on which we will be hosting the AGM

Click the link below to join the AGM

Voting may be required at the AGM – to have a look at a ‘demo’ voting form click the link below


Due to some issues with our mailing system, some members may not have received our original correspondence from the 12th June 2020 covering some recent resignations and the announcement of an earlier AGM – to view this please click >> HERE <<

To view the ‘instruction sheet’ sent to members on Friday 3rd July, which lists all the ways that you can attend/participate in the AGM, click the button below.

We understand that attending via Zoom is not an option for all of our members, and we’ve prepared some alternatives to ensure everyone has their say – please take a look at the ‘instruction sheet’ above for all you need to know.

'Practice Meeting'

We’re holding an informal Zoom gathering to function as a practice run for the meeting and make sure everything is working as it should. It will take place from 7:30pm on Wednesday the 22nd July, and feature a few familiar faces!

Please check back closer to the date for the Meeting Number/Link

Other Important Points To Note

  • As outlined in our previous letter, all nomination and proxy forms are to be returned to Committee by Monday 13th July so we can be prepared to host the meeting CLICK >> HERE << for the forms you need .
  • Please review the options & be prepared early, even take part in our ‘practice/test run’ on Wed 22nd July, 7:30pm, the week beforehand so no troubleshooting is required on the day.
  • On the day, the Zoom meeting will be open 30 minutes early (7:30pm) so you have a chance to join & settle in. The official start time will be 8:00pm.
  • If a vote is required, ‘unique voter codes’ will be sent to paid members in advance.
  • Check in with your friends/fellow members, see if you can help them out, or vice versa.

Need Some Help?

    We’re on standby to help you get prepared for the AGM. holding an informal Zoom gathering
    - Email the committee at
    - or send any membership queries to Elizabeth at
    - Shoot us a message through the CSSA Facebook page
    - Give us a cal Peter, Elizabeth, Kirsteen & Melissa are happy to help (Phone numbers available in the email to members sent 3 rd July)