An 8 week transformation to help you re-align with the most full version of you

Everything  you need to finally feel ALIGNED on a mind, body & soul level so you can manifest the life of your dreams <3

If you're like most people who want to manifest the life they so deeply desireyou feel overwhelmed with the process. You may be doing a million different things and have hundreds of tools under your belt but still have nothing to show for it. You're probably comparing yourself to others around you and feel like what's possible for them is simply impossible for you. You may have been living a disconnected, half-fulfilled life for so long, that you became comfortable with it and believe that it’s the only way to live. Heck,  you might've just given up on the concept of manifestation all together. 

You might’ve also noticed that there’s so much information out there in the manifestation space on how to live your best life ever, that taking it all in leaves you in more confusion and makes you feel even more stuck! The funny thing is, the manifestation process truly is so simple. 

Want to know the secret to manifestation? HEALING so you can be in ALIGNMENT with the highest version of yourself. Once you HEAL on a mind, body and soul level and feel aligned with the life you desire, you simply become a magnet to it. Healing truly is manifestation. 

This is why I created  ALIGNED, an 8-week mind, body and soul transformation to help you align with the FULL life that you so deeply desire!

ALIGNED is For You If... 

-You want to fall in love with yourself again

-you want to reconnect with your intuition

-you want to learn how to nourish your mind, body and soul

-you want to feel energized, motivated, and excited about life!

-you want a life of joy, flow and ease 

-you want to become a magnet for the life you want to manifest

Aligned Isn't For You If 

You don’t want to discover the fullest version of yourself and stay stuck

You don’t want to re align with your intuition so that you can become the best version of yourself

You don’t want to figure out once and for all how to manifest the life you desire so you can stop feeling confused

You don’t want to feel lighter, more energized, and at peace

You don’t want a supportive group of women ready to do the work with you!

What You'll Get:

Inside this 8 week group program, You'll gain access to our soul centered community of women who will cheer you on through the process of becoming the most full version of yourself as well as: 

-weekly trainings where I’ll walk you through healing your mind, body and soul

-meditations to help you connect to your higher self and fall in love with yourself again

-ACCESS TO nutrition tips  from a Nutritional Scientist

-a group of soul-centered babes who ARE READY TO support you on your journey towards becoming your full self!

-and so much more!

All of the deets-

-8 90 min. powerful group coaching sessions

-Live Q&A's

-Live meditations 

-All the tools you need to align with the highest version of yourself

- community support

-Lifetime access to the content 


Once you heal on a mind body and soul level, not only will you feel more energized, motivated & excited about life but you will be a magnet for everything you desire in this lifetime. The more we are aligned with the highest version of ourselves and are connected to our intuition , the easier it is to follow the path that is meant for us, align with what serves us, and get rid of anything that doesn’t. 

I used to be so out of alignment with my true self. I wasn’t properly nourishing my body so my mental health was off and it was SO hard for me to think positive thoughts. My physical health was suffering and I didn’t have energy to go after the things I wanted. I couldn’t hear my intuition and I didn’t trust myself or my decisions. I had so much trauma stuck in my body and therefore was filled with constant anxiety and depression. I had low-confidence and low self-esteem & an overall terrible relationship with myself. & it was from this place that I tried to manifest the life I so deeply desired. I did all of the "outer" work but still felt STUCK.

It wasn't until I committed to healing on a mind, body & soul level that I became an effortless manifestor. (my friends call me the manifesting queeen now;) ) Healing truly is manifestation. The more you heal, the more in alignment you are with the person who already HAS the life of your dreams. Once you start showing up as her, everything else HAS to fall into place. Easily & effortlessly. It really is as simple as that. 

I want YOU to live a life of pure bliss. To feel so in alignment. To be a magnet for everything you want to manifest. I want you to be empowered to take control of your health, of your mind, and of your life. I want you to leave toxic relationships. To break toxic cycles. To effortlessly nourish yourself from the inside out. To thriveeeeee. You deserve to live a FULL life!!

Are you ready?

Heal yourself, heal the world.