Alignment Coaching

With Carolynne Alexander

That’s because you were pushing for someone else’s idea of success.

But this wasn’t your fault. Society is bombarding us with images of success everyday. It’s hard not to follow that path when it looks (from the outside) like life is perfect.

Here’s a dose of realness.

Someone else’s idea of success was their unique path and wasn’t meant to be followed by you.

If you’ve followed that path and you still feel empty then I can help you.

Alignment Coaching is digging deep into who you truly are using ancient tools and modern day wisdom.


Alignment Coaching

With Carolynne Alexander

Human Design & Birth Chart. Understand your deeper self and uncover your purpose so you feel secure you are moving towards your full potential.

Intuition & Alignment Coaching Sessions. Dig into training your intuition to give you the answers you need. 

Moon Cycle Intention Setting. Work with the moon and the celestial bodies to set intentions for the next month.

Recorded Intuition Tarot Readings to tune you into your true alignment and know your next move.

Direct Access to me via Telegram.
For questions as you progress though your journey.

Full Access to all courses, meditation, rituals and resources to build up your toolbox.

Finding YOUR way in the world and reveal your unique gifts and strengths.

Alignment Coaching goes deeper than personality tests, mindset coaching and goal setting. 

This is NOT an A to B, linear process where you follow a blueprint. 

And this is NOT for those who want just the answers and to do the work on the surface.

This is for someone who is looking for their true path in life and is willing to do the work.

This is an intense process but the rewards are infinite. 

  • You will experience shifting of old energy, repatterning of old beliefs, revealing your soul’s purpose, reparenting yourself and recovering from childhood influences.
  • Your soul/higher-self will be there with you every step of the way with me as your guide. 
  • Your intuition will be active and give you the answers you need, now and for the rest of your life.

Ready to be truly aligned to a life you love?

Join me for three months where you will be challenged but deeply rewarded in every part of your life.

Please fill in the form below to register your interest. 

  • I only work with people who I feel are 100% ready to commit to making the changes to get into alignment with their true purpose.