Welcome to the Mindful Improv Community!

We believe there is a way forward together. That our difference do not have to become immovable obstacles preventing collaboration or effective work toward whatever our goals are... in fact, we believe we'll succeed BETTER **because** of embracing those differences.

We are a community of heart centered leaders of many trades: we are pastors, teachers, corporate executives, community activists, parents and entrepreneurs. 

We believe the path forward is paved with humility, courage and humor: that the journey to a better, healthier, braver and more connected world can be JOYFUL.

We're so glad you're here! Every week, I send a Monday morning note of Mindful Improv-inspired encouragement for having brave conversations, and growing into the fullest expressions of love.

Joining the community also means you'll have access to: 

  • Live zoom events when they happen, and recordings if you can't be there
  • Interviews with inspiring heart-centered folks leading bravely in their corner of the world
  • Discounts on tickets for live events where I'm speaking (whenever I'm able to provide this - I don't always have control of this)
  • Booking priority if you'd like to bring me to your event or retreat