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Andrew’s Oil is an all-natural special organic blend of frankincense oils. It supports healthy skin keeping it moisturised and supple, protecting it from dryness and infection. Its creation is my tribute to my late husband Andrew, who loved frankincense and frequently used to bring some back for me from his trips to Oman. Unbeknown to both of us at that time, the gift he gave me became my gift to him, following a devastating stage 4 cancer diagnosis a few weeks earlier.

Supported by my research on essential oils, this frankincense gift would be the inspiration behind the remedy I created to protect his skin from chemotherapy side effects. We embarked on a daily massage routine of applying the oil blend to his skin. It kept it healthy and problem-free and resulted in an uplifted mood and an increased feeling of wellbeing in his last weeks.

Since Andrew’s passing, I continued to use the oil blend myself. I gifted it to many who keep asking for more, as they, like me, felt the benefits of the healing and therapeutic frankincense oils contained in Andrew’s Oil. We have learnt a great deal from the journey of Andrew’s Oil, and I am grateful for your support and the support of my family and friends. Andrew’s Oil Skin Therapy is also available in custom blends to support your skin type (normal, oily or dry) by varying the base oils. Please get in touch to find out more and sign up for our email list.

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