What readers are saying about Gabriel Wolfe

Mr B. Holloway

Amazon 5-star review

"I was very impressed. A great story, elegantly and expertly written, that will keep your interest and make you want to read more."

Damien Seaman

Author, Berlin Burning

"A memorable villain and stand out set pieces that'll have you reading late into the night!"

Eira Foster

Amazon 5-star review

"Brilliant book - Don't want to put it down - It's as good as all the Jack Reacher books I've read."

About the author

Andy Maslen

I’m Andy Maslen, writer of the Gabriel Wolfe and Stella Cole thriller series. Before becoming a writer I worked in a record shop, as a barman, as a door-to-door DIY products salesman and a cook in an Italian restaurant. I always try to take away something positive from any experience, and often find a memory will surface of a situation I’ve been in, or a person I’ve met.