3 week course

(or whatever pace works for you)

Week 1

Learn an Exercise Routine tailored to relieve Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Week 2

Learn a relaxing Yoga Sequence along with helpful Anxiety Reduction Techniques

Week 3

Everything you've learned comes together, forming the complete 7 day Anxiety Management Routine 

If you're anything like me...
You get really excited about starting a course but soon get distracted. This results in you missing a day, then another day, and another until you're so far behind that you decide to just give up completely. 

Lucky for you this is a no-pressure course.
You go at whatever pace you want. You can totally ignore the 3-week model and do it all in a day, or you could forget about it for a year and come back when you remember you signed up for it.

You have lifetime access.
And there are no set days or times to complete anything. 

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