Free workbook

Aperitivo time is your time with Italian. 

It's a way to connect with Italy through daily tasks improving your vocabulary and deepening your passion for Italian culture.

It helps you if to refresh your motivation and have joy if you've been studying Italian for a while and you got stuck with standard textbooks.

What's inside?

  • 16 pages workbook that helps you to get familiar with new vocabulary and with the tradition of the aperitivo

  • divided into 4 parts which you’ll receive every two days on your mailbox

  • texts, videos, tasks, writing prompts

  • task tracker to check your progress

About me

Ciao, I'm Agata

I live in Puglia, in Italy, I’m a teacher of the Italian language.

I help you to stay connected with Italy even if you're at home. So when you travel to Italy, you can get more from your stays in Bel Paese. 

I believe that you can experience Italian, not study it at the desk. 

I don’t promise to teach you the language in a month. I would rather invite you for a long journey and I promise it will be interesting, inspiring, and enjoyable


Grazie, a presto!