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Why It's Important to Introduce Entrepreneurship to Kids

Children are naturally creative and curious! We want to help embrace these essential traits and channel them into an entrepreneurial mindset that can help them develop skills such as:

*A self-starting work ethic- Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a
marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace. They plan
and execute their own business at every level, which allows them to understand the
importance of hard work, take responsibility, and gain confidence in the next challenge.

*An improved love of learning- Our educational resources can teach children lessons
about entrepreneurship and help them develop and grow their businesses at their own

*A growth mindset allows kids to believe their abilities and skills can develop over time
and lead to success. They have a desire to keep learning, see challenges as opportunities
for growth rather than permanent setbacks, and build resilience and resourcefulness
when faced with a challenge.

*Effective face-to-face communication with customers and community members in a
supportive, fun, and safe environment.

*Confidence and a feeling of accomplishment when they sell their items at our business
fairs and see how much money their hard work and dedication made them!

The long-term benefits of childhood entrepreneurship:

Exposure to entrepreneurial concepts like focus, determination, and resiliency in the face of
disappointment can help them think creatively and use problem-solving skills in everyday life. But the benefits of these skills and growth mindset stay with them into adulthood, whether or not they continue as entrepreneurs. As adults, they will be empowered to use critical thinking to work through challenges confidently and to have the courage and self-esteem to choose their own path in the global new-age economy of the 21st century.

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