Lockdown Art Club

Get Creative:

Have fun with paint and collage

Fancy an evening of trying abstract art? All you need is scissors, glue, magazines to cut up, and a few tubes of acrylic paint. 

Suitable for all levels. Attend live on Zoom Monday 7.30pm (GMT) or download the recording and join in anytime.

About Nicki

Nicki is passionate about helping people discover their creativity. With over 20 years experience as a teacher, abstract artist and spiritual life coach, she has just completed her MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. When she's not drawing she attempts to play the accordion.

Use Everyday Objects

Learn how to use everyday things from your home to make art. No experience necessary, we choose a different theme each week.

Find Your Passion

We all start with the same activity, and end up with very different pieces. You are encouraged to experiment.

Suitable for All

It's never too late to get creative. We're a small relaxed and friendly group. No drawing skills required,  there is no way to get abstract art 'wrong'!

Lockdown Art Club starts Monday 7.30 pm 

Places are limited to ensure individual feedback, book your spot now:

What materials will I need?

Acrylic or ready-mix paint, a selection of brushes (cheap ones are fine), a pen and paper for doodles, bigger and thicker paper to paint on (whatever size you're comfortable with eg A3), scissors, glue, and magazines or coloured papers to cut up. Old leaflets, paper bags and wrapping paper are great.

Do I have to show my work?

Art clubbers are a friendly bunch and we're all learning and getting inspiration from each other, so it helps to see what other people are doing, but of course you don't have to show your work unless you want to. You don't need any art experience and you don't need to be able to draw.

What's the cost?

Your first session is free, regular sessions are £5.  To book a free session, just email me to let me know you're interested.  After you book you'll receive a confirmation email and a link to the online session. 

Got another question? Ask Nicki:


This class is super. It gave me the confidence to experiment with techniques, and gave me the inspiration to carry on creating art afterwards - Lynda

Very relaxed and friendly, I really enjoyed it and felt inspired - ​Sarah

Next Art Club Monday 7.30 - 9pm