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Affordable Waterproof Inks

 Waterproof fountain pen ink is great for applying watercolours and other wet media over drawings and lettering.

Try out three respected brands of waterproof inks. DeAtramentis Document Inks, Rohrer & Klingner SketchInks, Super5 inks (second improved edition). Find out which work for you, without needing to buy bottles.

Quality Sketchbook Paper

Sketchbooks to try the inks on good quality art paper. It will be at an affordable price so you won’t feel too precious about using it. We are planning on two stapled sketchbooks by Seawhite of Brighton with 140 gsm paper. 1 x A5, 1 x A6.

This paper handles inks and light watercolour with a fine or medium waterbrush. Note, it will go a little wavy after drying, as any 140 gsm paper. This paper is not writing paper. It has a fine tooth and is well suited to graphite and colouring pencils.

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Waterproof Inks

A selection of 6 waterproof ink samples by:

  • DeAtramentis
  • Rohrer & Klingner
  • Super5

Which colours? Black, plus one colour, from each brand. A total of 6 samples. More details later.


Two Seawhite of Brighton 140 gsm stapled sketchbooks. 1 x A5, 1 x A6. This paper handles inks and light watercolour.

Sketch, Draw, Letter

Suitable for:
  • Urban Sketching
  • Art Journaling with wet media
  • Lettering and Calligraphy with watercolours

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Icon credits: palette created by Markus from Noun Project, ink bottle by icon 54 from Noun Project, and notebook by art shop from Noun Project.