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Connecting International students to Atlantic Canada to explore the possibilities.

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The Atlantic Canada Learning Summit creates a connected environment where students, parents and agents can meet with Educational and Learning partners across our region.

Hội thảo Du học Atlantic Canada tạo môi trường kết nối giữa sinh viên/ học sinh, phụ huynh, các công ty tư vấn du học với các đối tác giáo dục và trường học trong khắp khu vực.

About ACLS

The Atlantic Canada Learning Summit started in 2020 to engage agents and future students and educate them on what the Canadian East Coast offered in terms of education, employment and lifestyle. Our objective was to present who we were directly in their market and their language.

In 2020, we were able to have our event in person with Jacqueline in Ho Chi Min City. In 2021, we delivered the AC Learning Summit virtually using innovative ways to connect and engage participants.

✓ Connecting with 35 engaged Agents seeking to connect with Atlantic Canada
✓ Connecting future students directly with people from Atlantic Canada.
✓ Demonstrate our welcoming nature, great people, food and life experiences.
✓ Welcome to class in Atlantic Canada