Who am I? I'm A.K. Cromwell, a reader, a dreamer, a writer, and daughter of the One True King. I'm someone who has seen but a glimpse of the heartache in the world, and I'm someone who has seen a glimpse of the peace.

I'm a reader: I love the written word. I lose myself everyday in words penned by authors long (or not so long) ago. I delve into stories. It is part of me.

I'm a dreamer: I close my eyes and worlds appear. I think of the might-have-been, the if-only, the what-if, and I smile.

I'm a writer: I want to keep giving the gift of reading to future generations. I have cried over my characters, and I still cry over what they are going through, but in the end, I hope to give them peace.

I'm a daughter of the One True king: He is my hope. He is my Savior. He loved me while I hated Him, and He left the ninety-nine to find His lost sheep. I may stumble and fall, but I know that He will never leave me or forsake me. He will carry His work on to completion, and I look forward with joy to when I am with Him in paradise.