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Hey, Momma! Ready to build that authentic business?

2020 has been a crazy year for so many, but some of us have still managed to achieve our goals. How? With planning, purpose, and tracking. 

Do you want to create that authentic business before the end of 2020? Let me help you end 2020 strong and go into 2021 ON FIRE! Your dream life & authentic business are here, just waiting for you to show up! Get the free workbook to work through how to set up an authentic business. (workbooks sent out October 30th)

Also, to go with this workbook, Join me 11am (CST) October 30, on Instagram (replay on my blog) to help you do just that - I'll give you everything you need to pick the right path for you, find your ideal tribe, and CRUSH THOSE GOALS! 

Don't get left behind in the 4th quarter of this chaotic year. Instead, make it a 4th quarter comeback (or, just make it even better than it's already been).

So, click that button below, and rock the last quarter of 2020 and beyond in the authentic business of your dreams.

Who's this for?

*Mommas looking to level up or start an authentic business/ministry.

*Mommas staying home with the kiddos, and looking for a way to add income from home in an authentic way.

*Mommas doing all this while navigating overwhelm, or chronic physical or mental illness.

*Mommas looking for ways to keep motherhood and/or chronic illness from becoming their only identity, and ready to reclaim themselves.

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Workbooks sent out October 30!

What others are saying:

"Candice's coaching is the perfect balance of compassion and motivation. She cares about your struggles, but encourages you to see beyond your circumstances to what could be, and she helps you create the small (and big) steps to get there! I was stuck in a major rut in my business and Candice's gentle, consistent questions and suggestions helped me to sit down and dream about what could be possible. I wouldn't have been able to move forward in my business without her!" - Laura Noelle


Hey, hi, how are you! ? I'm Candice

I'm a mompreneur who wears many hats: Author+Educator+Coach. I'm just over here helping mommas with chronic physical or mental illness start or grow their business/ministry by teaching them how to reclaim their identity & enact simple systems to pick their path, build their tribe, and crush their dreams!  Welcome to the community!

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I can't wait to see you how crush your goals!