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The Myriad grew out of a need to express the difficulty inherent in writing a book. I wrote a book about writing a book, and how wonderful it would be if someone could improve my writing while I slept.

-A. R. Montgomery

Literary Fiction Novelist

A. R. Montgomery

Creator of fiction that reads as if they are real biographies or memoirs. This creative genius has spent his life reading many of the great books by some of the most famous authors in the known world. He has a seemingly infinite knowledge of all the greatest works! His love of the written word is evident in all of his creations and everything he does!

We are getting ready to release his first novel. He mentioned that this book took him seven years to write and I must say, it was worth the time it took.  The Myriad has it all; love, eroticism, passion, and murder!

It's a story of obsession and literary ambition. I know you'll be intrigued from beginning to end!

My research into the NASCAR world turned out to be the best thing for my writing so far!

-Laura Havemeyers

Contemporary Romance Novelist

Laura Havemeyers

Dangerous Liaisons books presents, Laura Havemeyers.
She grew up in a small town where her imagination was allowed to run wild! She has always been inspired by people's stories. Her writing allows her to take these stories and run, bringing them to new heights and making them into unforgettable novels!

She continues to be inspired daily and she loves to write, especially about romance! She captures her audience with unexpected plots and adventures! She is turning heads, her style is undeniable!

Her latest work, the My Hot Ride romance series, features 3 steamy novels that are must reads! These books follow the amazing adventures of NASCAR drivers and the people who love them. With the amazing sexual chemistry between the main characters and the breathtaking descriptions of NASCAR races and fiery crashes, these books are page-turners unlike anything you’ve ever read! Any one of these books can stand on its own as a riveting tale of speed, the ultimate aphrodisiac!

I’ve read romance novels for years, and always felt they were perfect... if you’re a woman. My goal was to write something that gave the same sense of belonging to men that women get from romance novels.

-Lance Goodthrust Sr.

Erotic Romance Novelist

Lance Goodthrust Sr.

Lance Goodthrust Sr. has a talent for writing hot and steamy love stories with beautiful happy endings. He has always enjoyed a good romance story and so he decided to write one from a male perspective and boy did he ever deliver!

His first book, Hot Coffee and Tropical Desires, has everything you want in an erotic love story. It includes some of the most tantalizing erotic scenes you've ever had the pleasure of reading and they keep you going to the very end! This book is positively popping with amazing hot scenes.

He has done the erotica world a great service by giving us a sneak peak into a male's perspective on love and relationships. Lance has many ideas and is hard at work on his next masterpiece! He is one author you must follow! He tells a great story and has every reader salivating for more!

I try to write first thing in the morning when my best ideas spring to life!

-Lisa Brooks

Regency Romance Novelist

Lisa Brooks

Her passion is Regency Romance and the creation of worlds. She loves to imagine a more interesting world full of love and excitement and her books are proof of that!

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