Your Holiday Survival Guide Is Here

Learn the tools and strategies to avoid overeating, so that you can fully enjoy festivities- without feeling out of control.

I have been there...

I was either white-knuckling it through food-focused holidays or spiraling into food coma-only to have that followed by shame, guilt, and self-hatred.

As you learn the tips and strategies in this guide,

you'll begin to feel more confident in your relationship with food

If you have tried to avoid overeating during the holidays before with no success, you were probably making the most common mistake without realizing it- that mistake is revealed INSIDE the guide.

Just imagine navigating the holiday food scene effortlessly, feeling confident in your relationship with food and not having the typical physical discomfort and emotional pain from overeating...

If you have ever experienced the physical discomfort of overeating, paired with the shame and guilt that follows,

chance are you can relate to my experience.

I'd start off "good" by turning down appetizers, cookies, and pie UNTIL (!!) I couldn't take it anymore- seeing everyone else enjoying the food became unbearable so I said "screw it", piled up a plate, and kept going back until I felt sick(aka overate)...all because I “messed up" anyway.

Or, I'd go into the season with the mindset of EATING ALL THE FOOD, ignore my body's internal wisdom that tells me I have had enough-and continue the spiral of overeating with the idea that starting January 1, it all comes to a stop!

I did this each holiday season (and even more frequently) FOR YEARS!

It wasn't until I discovered the same tips and strategies I provide in this guide, that things changed with my relationship to food. 

If you are serious about not feeling out of control around food this holiday season, then you have to make one of two choices:

1. Keep doing what you've been doing and see if things turn out differently this time,


2. Grab this guide and learn the same strategies I use, that are effective in avoiding overeating and improving mindset around food. 

It's Possible...

to be free from food and body image issues this holiday season and start the New Year on a positive, healthy note. 

The information is this guide is like having FIVE 1-on-1 sessions with me- a value of over $400!

In this guide, you will find helpful videos and reflection activities where you will learn:

  • Strategies for navigating the holiday food scene, include setting yourself up for success with the right mindset.
  • Mindful eating techniques that will reduce the distractions that lead to overeating.
  • How to respond to food pushers or diet talk. What to do if you overeat, anyway.
  • Plus a bonus video on emotional eating and loneliness due to the pandemic.