The "Happiness Toolkit" is a free-of-charge program to boost your well-being, through daily actions for a more content and happy living.

It is created based on 10 general principles around happiness taken from the latest research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science.

And it takes you just a few minutes each day to engage!

Join me and apply small daily actions, that can create big positive changes for you over a period of time. The recommended ideas are proven to give you a boost, to become more active, to be accountable, and feel happier. 

Become creative around those principles I introduce to you and explore more, 

become playful, 

and enjoy yourself! 

Nothing is written in stone and there is no right or wrong. There is you and your willingness to feel better. 

You're worth it! :)

I'll send an email each day with a video around a specific topic or principle and an invitation for you to find an activity you can and want to subscribe to on that day.

This program will give you tools that can be used in good and bad times to remind you of what is important and that happiness is an inside job.

Happiness Starts Here!

Once you subscribed you will need to confirm your email address. Only confirmed subscribers receive the program.