The 'Am I Burning Out?' Checklist


20 Self-Care Tips

  • Do you feel 'something' in your life has to change, but don't know what it is....yet?
  • You know that change starts with you, but you just don't  know where to start, what to change and how? 
  • Do you think you may be burning out, but don't know what the signs are?

If you've answered 'yes' then are you ready to take the first step in finding out?

      This quick and concise checklist  tells you what burnout is, helps you identify the signs of burnout and gives you not one, but 20 easy self-care tried and tested tips so that you can reignite your flame. 

      So, are you ready to find out what burnout is, if you're burning out and what to do about it?

      Yes, it's time, to reignite my flame!