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From Bland to Grand

The "From Bland to Grand" Series introduces non-designers to graphic design and teaches them basics for creating beautiful and effective graphics that attract more leads

Video 1

Brand Who

This video teaches non-designers some basics for discovering their ideal audience, understanding and creating a basic brand strategy

Video 2

What is Graphic Design

This video teaches non-designers the purpose of graphic design and how it helps a business

Video 3

In Full Color

This video teaches non-designers basic color theory and ways to choose a color palette for their business

Video 4

Just My Type

This video teaches non-designers font selection basics of type and font selection for a better design

Video 5

Picture Perfect

This video teaches non-designers how to determine if a photo is a high or low-resolution image and where to find legal to use stock images online.


Designing with Color (EBook)

Teaches Non-Designers the basics of color theory and a more in-depth look at choosing a color palette for their designs to help their business get more leads!

From Woe to Grow

The "From Woe to Grow" video Series teaches design and creative businesses how to book and keep clients in their business!

Video 1

Niches Bring Riches

This video teaches independent creatives why they want to find and choose a niche for their business!

Video 2

Building a Community

This video teaches independent creatives how to build a community to help grow your returning customer rate and make a base of loyal fans!

Video 3

Criticism and You

This video teaches independent creatives how to deal with difficult, critical clients!

Video 4

Pricing for Newbies

This video teaches independent creatives two different pricing models and how to figure out their hourly rate!

Video 5

Get It In Writing

This video teaches independent creatives good recording keeping practices and how to create a solid contract for your business!

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