A.R. Grosjean

Head in the clouds type of Author

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the book, Peterson Estate: Birth of A Witch

About the Book: I love using twists and most readers will tell you, they make the story better because they weren't expecting that to happen. Bonus information about my trials as my journey brought me down the path of writing included with an inside scoop to how I used twists and where they came from.

A.R. Grosjean

About the Author

Being bullied growing up at school and at home (verbal at home), Amber suffered from Depression. She survived an attempt at suicide and discovered writing a year later. It was through her writing that she was able to discover who she was and how to manage the pain--she chose to escape. Now writing is all she wants to do. She's different and she's got her head in the clouds! This author is all about the twists!

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