What readers are saying about

What Leads A Man To Murder

Michelle Dalton

Author, Epona

“…had me hooked good from the first word to the very last.” 

Catherine Ryan

Author, The Hiding Kind

“Tiny details in this are stunningly brilliant…these illuminate the characters and situation with few words. Wonderful writing.” 

Thomas Heaven

Author, Carter's Cases series

"The list would be ridiculously long if I tried to include every superlative that applies.” 

About the author

Joslyn Chase

Joslyn Chase writes suspense fiction, ranging from mysteries to thrillers with an occasional dip into horror. She is a classical pianist, music teacher, and storyteller who loves American  History and holds a degree in American Studies.

Joslyn is a regular contributor on The Write Practice blog, and also writes a blog of her own on the power of story, which you can find at joslynchase.com, along with updates and new releases. You can sign up for her reader group to access bonus material and free stories.

Joslyn loves to travel and has ridden camels through the Nubian desert, fended off greedy monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar, punted on the River Cam, and hiked the Bavarian Alps, but she still believes that sometimes the best adventure is in getting the words on the page or in the thrill of reading a good story.