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Did you know you can make a great income from reselling (flipping thrift store finds)? That it can be a legitimate business to bring in a steady, reliable income.

Month in and month out, I make $30 per hour reselling easy to find thrift store items during naptime! Many other resellers even resell full-time and have 6-figure businesses!

I am passionate about teaching you how to make money from home through reselling. It really is pretty easy once you get started.

I'm Ready To Learn How!

What You Can Expect:


The first day is a simple introduction and what to expect. I'd love to hear from you and find out where you are on your reselling journey. Are you interested in reselling, new to reselling, or have you been doing it a while?

Day 1- What To Resell

Find out what kinds of items you can resell. You'll learn over 27 different types of items that are great for reselling. Plus, get my "Top 25 All-Time Best Clothing Brands To Flip For Profit!"

Day 2 - Where

You'll learn over 13 different places where you can buy items to flip. You'll also get an overview of the top places to sell your items for maximum profits!

Day 3 - Pictures

Pictures are the single most important factor when reselling. Learn the 6 keys to great photographs. No photography skills needed and no fancy equipment necessary!

Day 4 - Listing!

Learn the 5 key components to every great listing. I'll also give you my "Magic Formula For The Perfect Title" so your items can be easily found and purchased.

Day 5 - Consistent Income

Making a few sales here and there is great! But I'll show you how you can make a steady, reliable income from reselling with just these two things.

Yes, I Want To Learn!

I Was Just Like You!

Let me tell you a little about myself....I went to school for engineering, worked for a few years, but then kids happened! We cut back to living on one income. I hard-core coupon-ed, cut back on spending, and stuck to a budget. But it wasn't much fun just barely getting by. I needed additional income.

I spent years scouring the internet and Pinterest looking for jobs for stay-at-home moms, but they were all pretty much a joke!

Then a friend told me about her reselling business and I kind of laughed. How could that be a business?

But almost 3 years later, I:

  • Make $30+ per hour.
  • Work about 12 hours per week, mostly during naptimes.
  • Take every weekend off.
  • Consistently make $1,500+ a month with just a few hours of work.
  • Am able to live comfortably and to chase my dreams.

Here's the proof....

This is my paypal income from 2019:

Over $41,000 in gross sales. I net just shy of $20,000! From a nap time business!

I Want To Learn To Make Money!

Maybe you're tried all the ways to save money, but you're still struggling. Maybe you've tried:

Clipping Coupons

Cutting Expenses


BUT...It hasn't been enough

Those things are what I call playing great defense. But you are ready to start playing great offense too. You need to increase your income. You need an easy, sure-fire way to make money from home. One that doesn't require tons of time, tons of marketing, begging your friends to buy stuff, or endless hours of working just hoping to make money (i.e. blogging). You need:


Work when you want. Make how much you want.

Consistent Income

Made a steady, dependable income of $30+/hour.

To Work From Home

Work at times convenient to family life, like naptime.

No Pressure

Be your own boss. Set your own goals.

Minimal Startup Cost

Little to no upfront costs.

No Marketing Required

No need to sales pitches, pushing a product on social media, or hosting parties/booths.

If you're nodding your head right now...

then today is your day!

Teach Me How To Flip For Major Profit!