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Hi, I'm Suzza

I’m the writer with a mathematical muse. I love words, numbers, dreaming big & helping others. I believe that whatever you imagine, you can become. They/Them.

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Science Communication

15 Math Cross Stitch Patterns

One of the ways that I self-care is to design mathematical cross stitch patterns. The circumstances we are currently in require that we stay at home and social distance. It is a stressful and uncertain time all around the world.

G.H. Hardy

The Truth About G.H. Hardy

G.H. Hardy wasn't always my favorite mathematician. My first love was Gauss. A titan of mathematics and physics worlds. I learned all the well-known stories in my physics class.


25 Amazing Science Gifts

Science gifts aren’t always easy to find. So, when you come across a shop that really gets it. You want to throw as much support at them as possible. The following list features some of my favorite items that I have purchased over the years.