We wanted to know what Raymond Chandler drank at work. We had to know what whiskey Hunter S. Thompson drank before aiming his pistol at his acid bats. We needed to figure out what rare spirit soaked through the bones of the guy who wrote The Killer Inside Me.  

We figured you did too. So we hiked up our journalistic britches and got down to business and, well, this thing is good.

And look, these aren't the most popular titles from their authors. They're the best titles. They're the titles that just make you feel the wide catalog of emotions every author poured onto the paper. Have you read East of Eden? No one should even pull that book off a shelf unless they have a bottle of whiskey and a close friend on speed dial. Think your life is hard? Pick up Factotum by Charles Bukowksi—they should sell it in the Bourbon aisle. Think your wit is bitter and wicked? Jesus Handle of Bourbon Christ, read some Dorothy Parker so you can weep into your manhattan while you laugh your ass off.

And we know, it's just a booklet. It's only 14 pages long. But look at it. It's so pretty.


13 Classic Books Paired with the Whiskey they Deserve

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