GOD is BIGGER than any hard we face!

Life is HARD! Especially right now with Covid-19.

Trouble is all around, but our GOD is BIGGER!  No matter what we face we can live in victory over fear and anxiety!  

This 5 week Bible Study will  equip you with practical, doable, ways to feed faith and starve fear.  This study is about transformation, putting into action, creating habits and being intentional with the victory we have in Christ!  

 GOD is BIGGER than any hard we can face!!


Heather Fox Corbin

This book is the product of God guiding us through the 7 year journey of battling leukemia with our oldest son, Wesley.

John 16:33 became the verse we clung to.  "In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world." (niv)  

HIS complete victory has been given to each of us and there is NO hard in this life that can take it away!  

This Bible study book is from God walking me through the hard years of leukemia and teaching me the intentional daily choices that would FEED my faith in him and STARVE fear.  

Whatever I chose to feed would grow, and I did not want fear to take control.  Feeding faith is a deliberate choice.  

What HARD are you facing right now??  What things are building up stress, fear and anxiety in your heart and mind?  This study will equip you with ways to feed faith and starve fear because GOD is BIGGER than any hard we can face in this life!!

This powerful Bible study will be offered FREE during this Covid-19 time . GOD is BIGGER!

Feed your faith and starve fear!!  

GOD is BIGGER, 5 week Bible Study 

Feed Faith & Starve Fear

  • This PDF book is divided into 5 weeks: one week for each way to Feed Faith and Starve Fear. At the end is a wrap up bonus week.
  • The weeks are divided into short daily Bible readings, prayer, reflection and action.
  • This book can be done alone or used in a Bible Study group.
  • This book is about transformation, developing habits to Feed Faith and Starve Fear. Our God is BIGGER than any hard we can face in this life. He is completely faithful!


At the chapters

Each week covers a different way to Feed Faith and Starve Fear.  

Week 1: Praise

Week 2: Prayer

Week 3: The Word of God

Week 4: Renewing Our Mind

Week 5: Speak Life

Week 6:  Bonus Wrap-Up Week

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