What readers are saying about this book

Jeff Lazarus

Branded With Authority

"Positive and straight to the point. Good voice tone"Jeff Lazarus from Banded with Authority.

Heather Naude

PN Payroll Solutions

"The authenticity in your book is felt. The genuine eagerness to provide people help and knowledge, not only on their branding, but their mindset came through strongly in the tone of your message! It was easy to read and understand. We often over complicate things we try so hard to do, this book has definitively given me some great, actionable steps to move forward in creating a powerful brand".

Andrew Patterson

365 Ubuntu Climbs

"The overall feel is great. I loved that I could feel you in the writing itself which I think is important. I got great value. Each of the steps are clear and have tangible things you can implement. I will certainly recommend your eBook How to expand you brand".

About the author

Karel Vermeulen

Many people call themselves “coaches" or "mentors” or "authors" because they have been told they are good at listening and giving good advice and making people feel good. When asked about coaching or mentoring Karel is not afraid to tell you what he thinks. “Look, I am all for making people feel better, but my focus is on telling them it’s time to move forward no matter how bad you have had it or what mistakes you’ve made. Success is not based on your past, and it isn’t determined by your current circumstance. My focus is coaching them on empowerment, more important self-empowerment."