As a mom, sleep becomes more important - and more elusive - than ever.  Many parents assume (hope!) that their babies will be good sleepers while, in reality, many babies end up needing a bit of guidance when it comes to developing those healthy sleep habits.  

So, if you find yourself sleep deprived, overwhelmed or exhausted - you are NOT alone!  

Thankfully, no matter your parenting style, there are many things you can do to improve both your and your baby's sleep - before even considering whether sleep coaching is right for your family.  

Establishing a consistent and age appropriate schedule is THE first step toward healthy sleep habits! 

This comprehensive 13 page "Baby Sleep Schedules" E-Book will walk you all the way through your baby's first two years.  From 0-24, each month has specialized guidelines, sample schedules, recommended nap and night hour totals and quick tips for better sleep.  

Best of all - it's completely FREE! 

Do you wonder how many naps your baby should be taking?  When to plan for their bedtime?  If they may be going through a regression - and why? It's all here for you, tired mama!  No obligations or purchases needed - just solid and actionable advice from a licensed therapist and baby sleep expert.  I've worked with thousands of families from around the world - let me help you too!  :)