Dream of sewing bags?

Of finding time for creativity, of falling in love with your sewing machine without costing the earth?

We've got this

I want to share with you many bag making skills so you can confidently sew stylish bags, customised to your needs.

I understand the overwhelm of limited time, the desire to sew, the intimidation of the sewing machine.

Turns out you just need to start! Simple tips and techniques means your sewing machine will cope with layers of fabric without skipping stitches - learn from my mistakes! 

Bag making is perfect for picking up and putting down, fitting around your busy schedule.

Learning to Sew Bags is Life Transforming

I understand where you are coming from, I know you have little time, a busy life, a sewing machine sat in the corner gathering dust.

With toddlers in the house I figured this. I am passionate about using what I have to hand, to reduce my impact on the environment. The solution for me was learning to make bags from old clothes.

Learning to sew bags is life-transforming on so many levels, finding space for creativity, being able to express yourself, to fall in love with your sewing machine, gain skills and build confidence.


Bag Making for Beginners

Detailed Ebook teaching essential bag making skills, from handy tools, to fabric selection, to bag closures. 

Five reference chapters followed by eight printable bag patterns to incrementally build your skills.

BONUS - Video tutorials included.

What's Included

Essential Bag Making Skills

This introductory chapter gives you the skills you need to confidently start your bag making journey.

  • Choosing fabric and interfacing 
  • How to line a bag with internal pockets
  • How to box the corners of a bag to add form 


Bag handles, leather, fabric, adjustable, padded. Selecting and making the right handle for your bag adds the professional finishing touch to your design.

Learn how to sew zips, including how to sew a recessed zipper and a top closure zipper. Overcome the very common fear of zips!

Learn how to adjust bag patterns to your design.

8 Bag Patterns

Incrementally develop your skills.

Starting with a quick win ten-minute tote, moving to a lined tote, to a zipper pouch right through to a recessed zipper bag. 

Printable pattern pieces.

Practice all techniques taught in the five reference chapters. 

Get the Ebook with eight printable pattern pieces for only £9.00

Is this for you?

Are you willing to put the time and effort in to hone your skills?

You know that practice makes perfect.

You are willing to maximise small windows of time, to make the most of fifteen minutes here and there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sew these bags with a domestic sewing machine? All the bags and techniques covered are designed for your regular domestic sewing machine. Please note a mini sewing machine is not suitable.

Is this going to be worth it? If you show up and do the work, then you will get great results

Can I print the pattern pieces? The course covers how to print and tape together PDF patterns, which are included formatted for both letterhead and A4