Death isn't the only big transition that offers growth.

Everyone is touched by transitional moments: the birth of a child, loss of a loved one, new job, big move, retirement, etc. Tibetan teachings on rebirth can help us all navigate times of change, too.


The death process, while frightening, dissolves our limited sense of self, revealing our true luminosity.


For more fun, you can paddle on the lake. Who's brave enough to jump in?


After an ending comes a new beginning, and this is our opportunity to live the life we want.

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Claire Villarreal, PhD. Meditator. Educator. Nerd.

I’ve been wondering about the nature of reality most of my life and practicing various forms of Buddhism since 1997. I’ve meditated my way around India, Nepal, and Thailand, with pilgrimages to Tibet. I completed a PhD on Tibetan Buddhism and contemplative ways of knowing in 2015 at Rice University, worked for Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism, and am now a digital nomad and meditation instructor. Things that blow my mind include science, great storytelling, and Spinning.

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