Hands-on Projects

Each project is designed to give your child true assessment using Afrocentric pedagogy. No pencil and paper to bubble in! All hands-on!

Still on "standard"

The projects are aligned to National Education Standards for World Languages.  So there's no question your baby is on target!


Oye, la mama pantera negra is true when it comes to my babies having anxiety around learning. I DON’T PLAY! There is no way I want my children to associate learning with worry, stress, anxiety or fear. I used to hate the state testing time of year for my kids. There was so much pressure for them to succeed that they began to internalize a lot of the stress the teachers were under:

  • So many need to pass if the district is going to get money
  • So many need to pass if the school is going to get money
  • So many need to pass if the principal was going to keep their job at the school
  • So many need to pass if the teacher was going to keep their job at the school

The result: My baby, the one who believes perfection is his mantel to bear (ya entiendo, I AM working on that with him), had panic attacks every year about passing this test.


  • He is a straight A student
  • He works hard at everything he does
  • His teacher are never concerned about whether or not he’ll do well, they KNOW he will
  • That’s way too much stress on a child, and I know my baby is not alone.

How often did you listen to the dialogue your child had around testing?

Is that the reason why you pulled them out of school in first place?

Is it what brought on your desire to unschool this year?

Are you just a little grateful (even though it’s a lot for you) that they DON’T have to do state tests this year?

I was tired of it. There was no way I was going to have my child stressed over a pencil and a piece of paper every year. There had to be something else to do about it.

I may know Math as well as the next one, but YA SE ESPAÑOL, so I got to work.

I created an experiential portfolio guide that will assess without the stress in Spanish.

This guide is designed to allow you child to do fun projects while still learning and living in Spanish.

Your child being able to talk about their favorite color

Your child doing a vlog of their life in Spanish

Your child talking about sports highlights in Spanish

Your child doing a science fair project in Spanish

All level and age appropriate and easily modified and extended!

Mira let’s look at where you are:

  1. You bought the curriculum, but don’t quite feel comfortable enough to evaluate your child’s progress while you use it.
  2. You took Spanish for a few years in school you’re comfortable with teaching them the basics, but you’re unsure how to put it all together and track their progress
  3. You went to the teacher resource websites, the YouTube videos and even downloaded some projects, but it’s not quite clear to you how these things are working with your child
  4. You are a homeschooling beast with everything but language and just aren’t feeling what you're finding online
  5. You want to be sure your child can function in Spanish not just count to 100 and rattle off some colors, but those seem to be the safest for you so you can keep their culture in the middle of language
  6. You’re just not that creative when it comes to language, because to be honest, you’re still a little less comfortable with languages than you are with English and History. So you feel you fall short with fun stuff for them to do.

So, verdaderamente, how many of these are YOU?

En realidad, one click will change these for you TODAY!

2020 was a blessing for me, because I see how much better off my children have been with project based learning than a paper and pencil test. That small switch put two of my children in a gifted program and another in advanced classes.

Are you ready to see your child’s Spanish progress en realidad?

Are you ready to watch your child thrive with hands-on projects that speak to how the Black child learns?

Then vamonos! Let’s get it!

I have an eportfolio guide for those of you who want to push your child forward in Spanish. For just $27, you will have access to hands-on projects for your child and be a part of my ever-growing, Bilingual Brown Babies family where families, just like yours are learning, practicing and THRIVING in Spanish every day.