You’ve always dreamed of having a meaningful vacation with your kids, 

AHORA MISMO puedes hacerlo!

You love traveling with your family, but you have been looking for something that is more impactful than the run of the mill Disney or cruise package.

Don’t get me wrong, those trips are FANTÁSTICO and the kids have a BALL. But what if you could go on a fun vacation that also:

  • Exposed them to culture
  • Gave them an opportunity to practice Spanish
  • Gave them passport stamps

I have always regretted not getting as many international experiences as I could.  My personal dream for my children is that by the time they get to me 16 (the age I was when I took my first international trip), my kids passport books would be LLENO de stamps and experiences. One of the ways I do that is through this business.

Bilingual Brown Babies hosts an annual trip for families to visit and experience the sights, sounds and sabores of Guatemala in JUNE.

Los datos exactos por este año: June 20-27, 2022

I know what it’s like to coordinate an international trip with your kids.  Some of the first things to make me pause and say, “You know what? Never mind! It ain’t worth the drama!”:

  1. Finding the right hotel
  2. Choosing the right excursions
  3. Figuring out how you’re going to get around
  4. Not feeling comfortable moving through a foreign country they way you move around the US

But what if you could pay one price to:

  • Get airfare covered?
  • Tours chosen for you?
  • Hotels selected for you?

And still have the freedom to move as a family as you learn the language with someone who has nothing but your enjoyment and safety at the top of her mind?

Listen!  Now THAT, I can rock with! All I gotta do is pay and bring my little money to shop, eat and stuff with my family?

The BBB Guate Takeover 2022 es todo de eso y MÁS!

What we'll do


We will spend time in two cities: Guatemala City and Antigua for 7 days 


Immerse yourself completely in Spanish through daily interactions and practice in real-life application!


Learn about the history and richness of the country with museum tours, walking tours of Antigua and more! Love chocolate? Love coffee? There's special tours just for you!

Tentative Excursions

Guatemala City

  • Palacio Nacional
  • Kaminaljuyu - Mayan Ruins
  • Museo Miraflores
  • Aurora Zoo
  • Museo Popol Vuh


  • Filadelfia Coffee Plantation
  • Lake Atitlan Day Trip
  • ChocoMuseum
  • Capuchinas Ruins
  • Covento Santa Clara


Georgia, USA

"Had a WONDERFUL trip with Kami and her son and Princess Peach...So much to see and buy. Just about everyone we passed smiled at my princess and said, “¡Que Linda!” I finally told her what they were saying and she said, “Awwww! Thanks, guys!” 


Deuce, 10

Oldest Bilingual Brown Baby

"Guatemala was the best!  I loved the ChocoMuseo most!  I had so much fun using my Spanish."


Maryland, USA

"I hate that I missed the trip! WE ARE COMING on the next one!"

Spend one week in Guatemala experiencing the culture and people of the capital city, Guatemala City and Antigua (the old capital).

And get this, have this experience with other BLACK families led by a BLACK mama.

I know this is important for me, because I want to know that the people I’m traveling with are clear about how it goes down with me and my kids because they can relate. Tú sabes de que hablo. I need to know that we are all clear about “that look” when my kids get overly emocionados about our experiences.

¿Cuánto cuesta? How much is this experience going to cost?

Truthfully, it does depend on the size of your family. Here’s a quick price breakdown:

All families are required to place a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure their spot on the trip.

This price includes:

Round trip airfare from Atlanta to Guatemala

  • 4 night hotel stay in Guatemala City
  • 3 night hotel stay in Antigua
  • Tours to:
    • Palacio Nacional
    • Museum of Mayan culture and history
    • Coffee tour
    • ChocoMuseo
  • Ground transportation
  • 3 group meals

So what exactly will we do? Necesito mas detalles, Kami! Here is a breakdown of our week last summer to give you an idea:

Get the opportunity to travel with other Black families like yours, committed to language learning, global experiences and good ol’ family memories!

I so want to add your family to this gallery of amazing Guate moments!

The first time my oldest went with me to Guatemala, it was AMAZING to watch him take it all in, the food, the people the history. He became the resident photographer because he wanted memories of EVERYTHING. I mean TODO (this boy took video of a hummingbird that was in our Antigua hotel outdoor courtyard, y’all)!

I hope I get to include you in the number for 2020!

Tengo preguntas, Kami...

Listen. I’m not here for beating around the bush. Is Guatemala safe for travel?

Yes. In all my years of traveling to Guatemala (since 2000), there has been little to no risk for travelers to the country. BUT, I do make sure to keep a close eye on US State Department’s travel advisory. There are times when there are escalated protests during election seasons and travel risk may increase to orange until elections are over, but Guatemala has not been a high risk country since the end of the Dirty War in late 1980s early 1990s. But in the event that changes, we will absolutely NOT travel to the country. Every precaution is taken to keep our trip DIVERTIDO Y SEGURO.

I don’t feel like I speak enough Spanish to do this trip. Will I feel lost in language?

While I believe wholeheartedly in a little empuje in language, I’m will NOT have you out there looking crazy with language. We will have group trainings leading up to the trip and I will be right there if for whatever reason you get stuck trying to get something out in Spanish.

Do we need vaccinations in order to travel to Guatemala?

No. Vaccinations are not required.

Is there a minimum age for the children to travel?

Your child should be able to at least walk on their own. Antigua is comprised of narrow, cobblestone streets and is not stroller friendly. It may be difficult for you to maneuver in that city while we are there if your child has to be transported by stroller.

I don’t live in Atlanta. Can I fly out of a different city?

In order to make sure the costs stay reasonable for you and to guarantee that we arrive and leave together, as of right now, all travel must begin in Atlanta.

I see that you have payment plans. What if I want to pay all at once?

¡ABSOLUTAMENTE puedes hacerlo! Listen, I will never stop you from paying all at once, the payment plans offer suggested ways to ensure all families are able to match the options that best fit their family budget.

My child has never flown before. How long is this flight?

Travel to Guatemala is about a 3.5 hours flight. The same as driving from Atlanta to Savannah, GA or DC to Philly.

Is it safe to drink the water there?

Although there are no issues with washing your hands and body while there, we recommend that you keep bottled water for teeth brushing, but all the hotels where we will be staying provide bottles of water for everyday use.

Speaking of hotels, are they safe/secure/clean?

We pride ourselves on selecting hotels in the safest areas of the city with 24-hour monitoring and security. All hotels are vetted through our travel partners in order to make sure you and your family have no worries there.

Do we get time on our own?

Short answer: claro! While we do provide group experiences that we will all participate in, once those activities are complete, there is nothing keeping you from doing a bit more as a family (or on your own) each day.

How are we getting around the city?

Transportation is coordinated based on the number of families going. We will either travel by minibus or taxi, depending on how many people are moving around the cities as the group. We will not need transportation in Antigua. It is a walking town.

About the Host

Aside from my passion for languages, I have had YEARS of experience in Guatemala. As early as 2000 it was a part of my primary programming when I worked in relief in development. On the travel side, I have been taking students to Guatemala for one-week study tours since 2010. If nothing else, I will definitely keep us OUT of trouble! LOL

As a mom of 4 bilingual babies, I am your LINGUISTIC MAMA DIVA committed to increasing the number of African Americans who are bilingual in English and Spanish.  I know that language is power and bilingualism for Black people is so much more than just "speaking another language."  After years of taking college students to Guatemala, I want YOU to see what I have been seeing for almost 15 years: the country of "perpetual Spring" will open your eyes in language and culture and change your family forever!

We leave for Guatemala in:


Deposits are non-refundable

Cancellation policy:  If for whatever reason you must cancel your participation in the trip, please be mindful of the following terms.  Cancellations incur fees from our vendors and the later the decision to cancel is made, the more costs that will be incurred to accommodate the cancellation.

  1. Cancellation with deposit only - No refunds
  2. Cancellation after October 1, 2021 - 75% of payments not including initial deposit
  3. Cancellation after November 1, 2021 - 50% of payments not including initial deposit
  4. Cancellation after December 1, 2021 - 25% of payments not including initial deposit
  5. Cancellation after January 15, 2022 - 10% of payments not including initial deposit.