Be a great mum & still Be You

Go from “I don’t know what to do, it’s all too much” to “I’ve got this, and I love my kids!”, in just 12 weeks.

(Even if you don’t have time and you are exhausted)

Is this how you feel?

  • You try to be kind and nice, but outbursts happen so often you end up loosing your temper, shouting and then feeling guilty about it.
  • Everything feels like a battle, it’s so exhausting, and feels so unfair when you try so hard to help and accommodate them.
  • You wish they would respond in more positive ways rather than lashing out all the time.
  • You just need them to entertain themselves, or happily get on with their school work, but they complain, refuse or constantly interrupt, especially when you have an online meeting. 
  • Sometimes you feel ashamed, because sometimes (not all the time!) you don’t even like them, let alone feel your love for them (it’s ok, nobody talks about this bit!)

My 12 week group coaching prgramme will help with all of that!

A working mums experience

Click play to hear from Lilia

"We've seen amazing results working with Sarah!

Having read the book, I already knew the theory but putting it into practice was somewhat a completely different challenge. So going through her course allowed me to fine-tune my approach to my youngest child who was struggling with tantrums. Being a part of the Facebook group meant I was getting the support from the members and Sarah as I was going through my journey. The result of the course was that I am have developed an emotional visual language with my children which meant that they could show me how they felt."

An early years specialist's experience

Click play to hear from Audrey

"Sarah knows her skills inside and out!

I would take this program all over again every few years. I used some of the skills from the book when my kids were much younger, but now that my oldest is almost 8 I really needed a review AND support for implementation.

Her community. I'm not someone who always likes to build relationships with other group members, but Sarah has created a unique community where all the moms really care about each other and help each other! Judgment-free, completely supportive.

Lastly, I also had the honour of private coaching sessions with Sarah which added all the more depth to the support and accountability I needed. I highly recommend!."

What if investing in my course meant:

Instead of the usual “no”, running away or crying, your child does what you ask without the resistance.

Instead of things escalating to screaming, hitting & kicking, they express their big emotions without hurting other people.

Instead of you doing everything for everyone, your children help around the house and get on with the school work they need to do.

You more easily control your feelings of anger, frustration & the yelling stops, so you feel confident you are being a great example to your child.

What would life look like now?

From anxiety to calm in 12 weeks

Click play to hear from Keely

"My biggest challenges were the kids bickering and Riley's major meltdowns when he didn't get what he wanted when he wanted it

I have a much calmer house now and I'm a lot calmer, i deal with situations a lot calmer now and my daughter deals with Rileys emotions better too. I have a better relationship with my kids, we talk about things more, my anxiety has calmed down as its a much happier house.

Give it a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised, its worth it for better quality of life and better mental health for all family members"

Be a great mum and still Be You will make life calmer, more satisfying, taking you out of survival mode and into thriving.

In these claustrophobic times, where we are forced to be home more, work from home more, and entertain our children with limited outdoor time, we need skills in our toolkit more than ever!

It will not only give you those tools, but help you release the guilt, shame and tendency to sacrifice yourself, which has been conditioned into us by society.

You'll get 12 weeks with me to:

Create a new mindset

A new parenting mindset, to heal the past and create a new future

Deepen connections

Understand what you and your family need to thrive, and bring the joy back into being a mum

Learn new tools

Learn brilliant parenting tools each week, dissolving the confusion and guilt and leaving you empowered and authentic.

A children's nurse recommendation

Click play to hear from Rebecca

"I really want to recommend Sarah Parkes as an expert in her field. I contacted Sarah with a specific question about managing a problem I was having with my 6 year olds behaviour when it came to doing things he needs to do which he was refusing to do. I had already read the How To Talk So Kids Will Listen book but I needed help to tailor things to my situation. This is where Sarahs skill really helped me. She listened and understood the problem I described and she quickly identified the key approaches to take that would help us. As a result we had a much better day and bedtime yesterday. Not only this, I have a way forward which I can continue to use which I know will only grow and develop me and my child to be the best people we can be. This is the golden gift of what Sarah teaches."

Debbie got this from session 1 with me, imagine what we can do!

A bit about me

My background is as a professional actor specialising in TV and theatre for young people, you may have seen me on CBeebies!

Now I use a unique blend of coaching, personal development, communication and parenting skills gathered over 20 years, to help you move from being stressed and not knowing what to do, to confident and calm.

I want our children to grow up in a world where feminine and masculine qualities are equally valued... so their's a bit of work to do! It starts with us.

I have been featured on:

What we will cover

My unique 5 part process

Fundamental Feelings

You will learn:

How to build caring connections so they understand you love them and are there for them.

How to stop adding fuel to the fire! So often we have the best intentions but end up making things worse.

The fundamental skills that have to be in place before you can do anything else.

Caring Co-operation

You will learn:

What your automatic strategies for getting your children to do what you need them to do are, why they don’t work and what you can do instead.

To encourage your child to let go of their resistance and seeing you as the enemy who is ‘making them’ …

How small shifts in your language and mindset can make all the difference!

Dynamic Discipline

You will learn:

Why punishments such as time outs, removing their loved possessions etc don’t get the result of them feeling sorry or remorseful, but just make things worse. (when they do work it comes at a huge cost!)

What you can do instead, so you create strong loving boundaries, without feeling like a mean mum, and that you are crushing their self expression.

How to stop swinging between feeling like you are being too permissive and spilling into being authoritarian, and then feeling guilty and ashamed for losing your rag.

How to find solutions in collaboration with your child, so they not only feel part of the process but are more likely to do what you agree because it was their idea!

Terrific Trust

You will learn:

To enable your children to do things for themselves, and be more independent.

To help your child be more inwardly motivated than outwardly.

To trust your own instincts and that you have the answers within you. (you know your child best!)

To help your children trust themselves, so they become self reliant and resilient young people and eventually adults.

Powerful Possibilities

You will learn:

How to create your parenting life consciously and intentionally, rather than reacting and surviving.

How to reframe your mindset with a powerful tool that I have been using for 18 years, which will open up whole new possibilities for you and your family. (This is the secret sauce that is missing from most parenting courses that makes mine unique).

How to let go of old hurt from the past which you keep carrying with you, so you can forgive others and yourself.

Create a new story for your family, leaving behind the shame, guilt and restrictions of the past, so you can help yourself and your children have a better future than your ancestors had.

Parenting Circle

You will benefit:

From being with like minded parents who all want the best for their children.

From having a safe space to share your fears, your worries and support other parents with theirs.

From growing,  into the parent you want to be, and witnessing others blossom,

You will learn from each other and experience the incredible power of feminine collaborative energy which is truly transformational.


You get:

* 12 Week group coaching programme   

* Intimate Facebook group 

* Save £214 with this limited time Support series price!

Support Series Price!

An investment of just £1,111 

Instalment plan available

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Katie is a teacher and has used these skills in her personal and professional life.

"The communication skills Sarah teaches in her course have been useful across my life. They have helped me to motivate children in the classroom and they have helped me to interact respectfully with adults in a professional capacity and in my personal life"

"I have just finished the course with Sarah and have been amazed at how different the experience has been compared to just reading the book, with each week having a different focus it makes it much easier to use the skills and I can see the benefits already! Thank you Sarah, so appreciated!"