Beautifully Blended: Growing as a Parent

Parenting is difficult, but parenting in a blended family is a whole new ball game. Whether you are the biological parent, step-parent, or both, more than likely you weren't completely prepared for what blended family parenting would look like.

This second study in the Beautifully Blended trilogy will walk you through the unique challenges faced when parenting in a blended family. From different parenting styles to who should be disciplining the children to co-parenting and new traditions, this study will address them all.

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This is not a yours and mine situation. You have become one family unit. The children are ours.

-Misty Gatlin Fitch, Beautifully Blended: Growing as a Parent


Beautifully Blended: Growing Spiritually

Beautifully Blended: Growing Spiritually is the first study in the Beautifully Blended trilogy. These studies were written in a purposeful order, so make sure you grab your copy before the next one comes out!