Become a Leader Worthy of Following Workshop

Every horsewoman (and man if they are willing to admit it) has an inner horse girl. She’s fearless, she loves her horse with her whole heart, and she can’t wait to ride.

I'm looking for participants who are serious about growing themselves into better horse-people. If you're just wanting to know how to get your horse 'to-do' something for you, then this is not the workshop for you.

I've priced this info-packed, interactive workshop at only $37. 

You might be wondering why such a low price, or why not free?

I don't want this important information to just become 'energetic clutter' in your inbox. Your small investment is an acknowledgement of your commitment to making a difference for both you and your horse through your participation!

Watch the workshop NOW so you can learn how!

Topics Covered

Understanding herd dynamics

How Horses and Humans Learn

Learning to see the world from your horse’s perspective