At SPIN Ideas, we believe in collaborations! We believe in connecting the right person with the right project!

Meet the Spinners was launched over a year ago by Veronica Guguian to help SPIN Ideas' close collaborators and clients get visibility, showcase their expertise and help them reach new clients. We personally know each featured Spinner because we either worked with them in different capacities or are active in the same business environments. That means we share the same values and have similar levels of quality. We all stand for curiosity, connection and openness.

What does it mean to be a Spinner?

Being a Spinner means you are not alone. You have a whole community behind you to help and offer advice, as well as vouch for you when new clients need reassurance when someone recommends you.
We all stand for building relationships that allow us to know the other party, which gives us the chance to create opportunities, collaborate, and develop new ideas. We run our businesses differently, based on connections and creation.

What do you get when you become a Spinner?

Be featured as a Spinner

You and your business profile will be uploaded on the Meet the Spinners page with a link to your site. This is great for visibility and directing traffic to your website.

Social Media Promotion 

We will put you in the spotlight and give you the opportunity to share your expertise during the Online Networking with a SPIN.

Share your expertise 

Write articles in your area of expertise and we will publish them on our site and promote you. This will position you as an expert in our community, generate extra visibility to a new audience, and direct traffic to your site.

Present at ONS 

Besides sharing your profile with our community, on monthly basis, we will share your articles, events and other interesting projects you are creating. By doing so, we will showcase your expertise and direct traffic to your site.

Get a Spinner Certificate

As an entrepreneur or small business, sometimes it is hard to get the right recommendations to attest that you are a serious and trustworthy company. The Spinner Certificate was created to help you overcome this hurdle and to confirm your expertise, quality, and way of running your business.

Meet the Spinners!

What does it take to be a SPINNER?

Becoming a Spinner is a several-step process to identify if a person is eligible and fits the requirements. We are doing our due diligence to ensure we have the right people on board.

Because SPIN Ideas' expertise is marketing strategy, we created the entire program to help our community gain visibility, showcase their expertise, connect, and generate leads.
All these aspects were also taken into account when creating the requirements list; each step will allow us to know you and your business and determine if you are a Spinner. During the process, we are already helping you gain visibility.

To become a Spinner you need to:

  • 👩‍💻 Attend at least 5 Online Networking with a SPIN events. This will allow us and the community to get to know you.
  • 👫 Invite at least 3 people to join the events. The people you surround yourself with will tell us more about who you are.
  • ☕️ Have a virtual coffee with Veronica, our founder. This will give all parties the chance to know each other better.
  • ✍️ Be active in the Spin ideas' Community. Everyone attending the Online Networking events is invited to join the group and continue the conversation. The type of content you share and how you interact with others will further allow us to get to know you, while you start gaining visibility.
  • 💶 Once you passed the process, all you need to do is to pay the annual fee of 250 Euro + VAT, and we are ready to rock'n'roll!

Ready to become a SPINNER? Let's have a call!

Want to go the extra mile?

We decided to go a step further for you and include a bonus to the program: personal introductions to prospects. Together with you, we will identify who could be a great customer for you by looking into our network and making personalized introductions to help you generate leads.