Belief Busting Course

Transform your thinking, transform your life!  -What is a successful life?

What we believe becomes our truth and forms our experiences. -Our concepts become our constructs

What happens when our cherished beliefs are just wrong?

History shows us how distorted dogmas can create destructive situations individually and collectively, and many of us today want to right those glaringly apparent historical wrongs.

But what about the subtle misconceptions and defective convictions we continue to spout?

How do these phrases entrap us in faulty thinking?

We asked the Council of Elders to identify some of the unsound structures we have been erecting within our modern society to help nudge us towards a solid foundation of truth and reason.

When our thoughts and ideas align with universal truth, our foundations are solid, and we can build a better life and a better world.

Join us in 'undoing the ties that bind us' as we divest from unrealistic expectations and ideologies that cause us harm and free ourselves from the tyranny of faulty beliefs.

Join us on this soul-healing course as we take apart the false constructs one by one, clearing our minds and hearts so we can relate to the world and each other with clarity and compassion.

Beliefs Covered

What is a Successful Life

Meant to be


Soul Contracts

What You Resist Persists

Slay The Ego

Gurus and Saints

Postive Thinking


Mind Over Matter

Soul Mates

Unconditional Love

Non Attachment

Vibrational Hierarchy


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Belief Busting

Transform your thinking, transform your life!

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