THURSDAY 5 May 6.30-8 pm LEEDS UK

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The Belonging Café is now going to be both Face to Face and ONLINE - In both instances, the theme for this term is HOME

  • Thursday 5 May 6-8.30pm West Leeds, UK Cost: £15
  • Friday 6 May 12,30 - 1.30ppm Online Cost: £5

We'd love to welcome to this al the soulful women who have moved to a new city or country and are looking for a se sense of belonging that does not involve abandoning who they are. 


Home can be a roof with four walls but it doesn’t need to be. What does Home mean to you?

I like to think that home is where you seek refuge in yourself, where you retreat to feel safe and understood. Or it could be:

  • A nest – where you feel safe and can soften, are nurtured and receive consistency
  • A refuge – a place of protection, shelter and care
  • A base - where you establish yourself
  • A centre – a place that you feel worthy of love
  • A resting place for your heart – where affections are received, your tears are honoured and secrets are kept.
  • A harbour – the place you feel grounded, one that you claim, where you feel attached and supported.
  • Our body - is certainly our first home!

A new home might be also defined by all the things we might have left behind in our previous homes, relationship or transitions as a means of staying safe.

When we live in between more than a country and hold the rains of multiple cultures our perceptions of home might be reflected through multiple lenses and experiences. When you hold such kaleidoscopic view, how does your sense of Home changes?

Join this rich and enticing discussion on what we mean by Home & let's weave together new meanings & practices to feel at home anywhere in the world. 

Expect a couple of hours of acceptance, recognition of inspirations. You will leave the space feeling fully heard, understood and with ideas to reflect on and practices to try at your own pace.


Come on board and see yourself reflected in the shared understanding of other people who get you.

 Facilitated Conversation

Each month we’ll be discussing a different angle on the subject of belonging. 

Conversations are facilitated by belonging coach Fra Panella, see below for more info

When & Where 

Thursday 5 May
West Leeds, UK

Friday 6 May
12,30 - 1.30ppm