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—Shane Pekny, Bennington City Council, Ward 1

Previous Updates

November 2021(Preview) Higher density housing, 156th Street punch list, sewer rates
October 2021(Preview)156th Street, park updates, new Ridgewood housing
September 2021(Preview)Budget recap, Tim Ohrt Park, 156th Street
August 2021(Preview)Veggie stands, 156th Street updates, budget process
July 2021(Preview)Construction updates, Tim Ohrt Park, and Neumeyer Park
June 2021(Preview)Permitting veggie stands, vision for Tim Ohrt Park, 156th Street update
May 2021(Preview)Tim Ohrt Park playground, 156th Street update, new police officer
April 2021(Preview)New police officer, farmers market, commercial land use
March 2021(Preview)City financial status, rezoning for business development, and more
February 2021(Preview)Snow removal, CW Hadan improvements, and next priorities
January 2021(Preview)Police year-in-review, Heritage development, update on new parkland
December 2020(Preview)Officer honored, 156th Street update, Library Board opening
November 2020(Preview)156th Street update, CW Hadan Drive improvements, new police officer
October 2020(Preview)156th Street, CW Haden Drive, sewer rates
September 2020(Preview)Budget approved, street priorities, 156th Street update
August 2020(Preview)156th Street schedule, parkland purchase approved, budgeting underway
July 2020(Preview)156th Street challenges, new parkland progress, slowing down on N. Molley
June 2020(Preview)Kempten Creek progress, 156th Street update, N. Molley Street safety
May 2020(Preview)156th Street update, new parkland delayed, safety on N. Molley and Stark
April 2020(Preview)156th Street, COVID-19 matters, development slowdown
March 2020(Preview)Kempten Creek, speeding concerns, and streets funding
February 2020(Preview)State of the City's Finances
January 2020(Preview)New parkland, police update, and ASIP fees
December 2019(Preview)Police hiring, Prairie Hollow, and ASIP fees
November 2019(Preview)Prairie Hollow progress, police officer interviews, and 156th Street update
October 2019(Preview)Prairie Hollow update, police chief's report, and sewer rates
September 2019(Preview)Budget approved, tax rate unchanged, and street plan
August 2019(Preview)New police chief, new housing development, and the city budget
July 2019(Preview)Community collaboration
June 2019(Preview)Sheriff agreement, fireworks, priority street projects, and more
May 2019(Preview)Update on Bennington Police Department
April 2019(Preview)Discussing the future of the Bennington Police Department
March 2019(Preview)New sidewalk, police chief candidates, 156th Street, and more
February 2019(Preview)Bid farewell to the old city office
January 2019(Preview)Streets, roads, and how to pay for them
December 2018(Preview)Safe Streets

Background: Bennington area circa 1950, USGS Aerial Photo Single Frames archive