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I think teachers are overwhelmed but are always expected to come up with fresh ideas and, quite frankly, perform bloody miracles.

And we CAN make big changes to our students’ lives and learning journey. But it is a process. For your students AND for you.

If we’ve got a lot on our plate, we tend to look for a quick-fix, like this cheat sheet of easy-to-implement grammar activities. Hey, no judgement here!

And the fact you’re reading this means you probably have a lot on your plate. Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut. Or you could be overwhelmed. Or maybe you’ve lost your creative spark.

But perhaps it also means you are ready to take the first step to shifting your mindset a little. I say a little, because it takes time.

In order to grow, you have to put in the work BUT you can do it very gradually, trying one new thing out every week. 

Reading my newsletter is passive, but it has the power to make you active if something resonates with you.

You have to CHOOSE to make the change. I understand that this statement alone can be overwhelming, so we go back to the idea of small steps.

I challenge you today to do my weekly newsletter challenge every week.  It is small, achievable and you should be able to implement it straightaway.

As long as you have chosen accept my challenges, you’re taking a risk, moving out of your comfort zone and accomplishing small changes, you’re moving forward!

I may well  sell you offers of products and services at a later date and again, you have the power to choose to accept or delete the email (I won’t be offended) but if something I offer aligns with you, it might be worth taking a look at.

So, thanks for taking a small step and having faith in me.  

Let's boss this!