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Do you want to do more nature studies with your children? Are you not sure where to begin or overwhelmed by the thought of keeping a journal? I’m here to help!

My children love nature but teaching the little ones to maintain journals on top of everything else in homeschooling was holding us back. I wanted a better plan, so I created one!

Lynda F.


What a great lesson plan for kids! Think it is a great tool. I think it covers things nicely.

Lauren W.

homeschool mom of 5

The Bird Binder is the perfect way to get young students interested in bird watching and keep their observations all in one place. It offers more focused exercises than just a sketchbook. It is a binder they will keep coming back to after each encounter with their feathered friends.

Jessica H.

Mom of 3

I think it was very well thought out, very well organized, looks super fun, and clever.

This is the first in a series of nature study binder downloads designed for children aged 4 and up.


They are easy to complete, organized, and thorough.




Map Skills

Language Arts

and more


More than just a nature notebook, this is a complete unit study. Make it as in depth or simple as you like. Complete it in a week, or make it a term long project. These are completely flexible and user friendly, but still full of structure and teaching tips.


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