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So what will you read in my chapter?

It is a story of my 11 years long journey to become a mother filled with raw description of the moments of faith, loss of hope and despair. The kind of pain I still can't describe even now. It is about the moments when I felt lost and alone, when I fell down on my knees and tried to keep on walking bruised trying hard for no one else to notice.

Its about moments when I've almost lost my life and was on the verge of giving up. About my own spiritual rebirth, the internal power I never thought I had and the unexpected peace I found in the space of surrender, which brought me an infinite trust between me and someone up there who loves me very much.

My chapter is the story about the ultimate miracles that I believe are possible to all of us!

It’s about my journey to myself, my 'journey to what I now call home'.