Is your biz blog holding you back?

Business is better (and easier) with a plan!

Many small business owners want to feel confident they're making the most of their business blog. They're fearful that they're wasting their precious time for little reward. The whole process from planning to writing and then pushing 'publish' just fills them with dread. 

It's time to leave fearful at the door, and instead become a confident business blogger.

Katrina @ The Confident Business Blogger


As a business blog writer and editor I've taught workshops, online courses and tutored businesses one-on-one to become confident in their blogging abilities. 

Helping them take advantage of the SEO and connection benefits that a well-delivered blog can bring: business growth and success. 

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Join me for the Blog Planning Challenge

Day 1

Create a clear message

Get clear about who you're writing for and what you're going to say to them. 

Day 2

A blog with a goal

Make sure your blog is helping you achieve your business goals. 

Day 3

How often to blog?

Learn your personal answer to the question "How often should I be blogging for my biz?"

Day 4

What to blog about?

Find out exactly what your tribe want to be reading about and start building your blog plan.

Day 5

Write killer headlines

And call to actions! Find out some quick 'cheats' to make life easier!

The 'join anytime' blog planning challenge

These are slightly interesting times we're living in. Usually, the blog planning challenge runs live. But I've set it to run whenever you need it. Because we all might have a bit more time at the moment. 

The Facebook live Q&A sessions aren't running at the moment, but you can see the recorded ones in the FB group 'video' page. And you can post your questions any time!


Leave fearful at the door and instead become a confident business blogger!

Come and join us!