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When I first learnt how to upload a blog to a website, I was totally overwhelmed by all the things I needed to know about and fill in.

Tags, slugs, and meta-descriptions just weren't part of my vocabulary!

With time, practise, and lots of Googling, I finally managed to get my head around it all.

But when I began talking to the people who were looking for help with their blogging, it turned out that the actual writing of it was just the start of the issue.

The real thing holding them back was this time-consuming and very confusing upload process.

They all felt just as overwhelmed as I did, but were so busy with their client work that they didn't have the time that I'd had to learn it.

They were either muddling through and hating every moment, or they'd stopped blogging altogether.

That's why I wrote this guide, to help take the faff out of blogging.

When you know how to optimise and upload a blog, the whole process becomes so much easier. You'll be able to focus on getting your message out to the world instead of wondering what the hell a focus keyphrase is.

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