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The Empowered Eating Centre feedback

Penny Aiava

“OMG EVERYONE needs to hear your message! … I can’t stop crying but it’s all in a good way. I’ve never been challenged to think this way before… thank you.”

Nadia A

"...and it is so exciting to know I can dedicate A LOT of time (time that previously was dedicated to thinking about food and guilt, etc) to other things now." 

Liz O'Callahan

"The tips were so simple and yet had a huge impact on the way I look at food. I wish I'd had this information 20 years ago!" 

About the author

Michelle Yandle

Nutritionist, online educator, speaker, successful entrepreneur, intuitive eating coach and 5-time author with a focus on "nutrition coaching for Empowered Eating™. 

Her insights have been featured in Nadia Magazine, Healthy Food Guide NZ, FItness Journal NZ, TEDx, Remix and Organic New Zealand magazine. 

Her no BS approach to health and nutrition will have you feeling great AND enjoying cake!