The Bold Beauty Method

Online Makeup Course and Group Program 

Let’s be honest...

You’ve been using the same beauty routines, products, and techniques for YEARS.

And it’s starting to feel a little stale and even downright BORING.

Maybe it doesn’t even feel like YOU anymore.

You’re craving something fresh and sexy that makes you feel like a million bucks (without spending your whole day getting ready).

You just want something simple that elevates your FAVORITE features and makes you feel confident no matter where you’re headed. 

From that coveted “no makeup, makeup look” to date night glam, you are ready for a serious beauty upgrade.

The good news is, I’m here to help revive how you approach makeup with an investment that is customized for every woman out there. 

Meet the PRO

Hey There!

I'm Meagan Brown

I'm a Makeup Artist entrepreneur, with a dream to teach woman the REAL answers on beauty and makeup. 

I'm obsessed with chocolate, salsa dancing and love a good movie.

My mission is to teach you the tricks to applying makeup specific to your features. The everyday woman (you) wants to look her best, but probably won’t spend more than 10 minutes on a daily basis.

I’ve taken that into consideration, and will provide useful, HONEST information while still keeping application techniques simple and easy to follow.

My goal is to disrupt your daily routine, and teach you how to look your best regardless of how much time you have. 

I believe if you learn the science behind what you are doing with beauty basics, you will feel more confident with your application, while expanding your beauty style & routine.

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The Bold Beauty Group Program

A program designed to help you find the REAL answers you've been searching for when it comes to your makeup. 

Each week a new module of the online course will be available to the group. We go deeper with live trainings, guest speakers, and group discussions all in an online community going through the same steps together. This is your chance to practice with a pro and get real time feedback. 

It is a go-at-your-own-pace weekly system, participation is encouraged with weekly prize's for engagement. 

All video trainings and guest speakers are recorded and available to watch at anytime during & after the group program. 

All guest speakers are PRO'S within their niche of the beauty field.

The Bold Beauty Group Program

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Week by week group program breakdown

Week 1

Makeup Audit, What products you need to add, Organizing for efficiency, Skincare basics,  Identifying your ideal beauty style, individualized face chart. 

Live Training 

Week 2 & 3

identifying your skin type, The blueprint for your complexion, Learning your bad shadows, Concealing like a pro, Longevity vs. touch ups, Contour & Highlight, Bronzer, Blush, Powder 

Live Trainings

Here's what students are saying after week 2: 

Week 4

Brow shaping, Brow styling, Techniques for your brows, Hair removal options

Guest Speaker- Microblading

Week 5 & 6:

How to use eyeliner,  Learn the best colors for your eyes, How to make your eyes look younger/ Bigger, Lash options, mascara styling

Live trainings 

Guest Speaker on lash extensions.


Week 7

Lip trends, color theory behind lip color choices, Creating your perfect smokey eye, creating your day to night strategy

  • Live Trainings
  • Challenge 

Week 8:

Go-to hair strategies for longevity, Tips on creating length
Guest Speaker
- Hair extensions.
Basics for your wardrobe, reviewing and mastering your complete look.
Guest Speaker
- personal stylist

Final Training 

Group Program Structure

Individual customized face chart with your exact placements

Access to The Bold Beauty Method online course

4+ live trainings

4+ guest speakers

Trello board self study content with worksheets & challenges related to the online course subject for the week. 

Weekly feedback from a PRO

Private Bold Beauty Facebook group with weekly feeback & support

Participation prizes 

Continuous education through The Bold Beauty newsletter. 

Group Program Investment

8 week Group Program + Online course = $497

Add ons
One-on-one private lesson video calls available (Limited availability) $200
Online Makeup course (self study) - $297 (Available May 2020)

You’ve always wanted to learn how to accomplish that gorgeous “no-makeup makeup look”, but you didn’t know where to start!

Maybe you’ve felt intimidated by all of the product and technique options out there.

You just want something simple that elevates your favorite features...

Without spending hours in front of the mirror...

We will be diving into the struggles many woman face when it comes to their makeup application. Including but not limited to, staying efficient with time, getting an even skin tone, lasting application and HOW THE HECK to use eyeshadow. 

The Bold Beauty Online Makeup Course

This at-your-own-pace online makeup course, is for woman looking to learn REAL answers on beauty and makeup. You will learn beauty information that is specific to YOUR needs and YOUR individual features.


The Bold Beauty Method online course breakdown

Module 1: Introduction to The Bold Beauty Method

  • Makeup Audit- Beauty Efficiency & Organization
  • Basic items of Skincare (video & product list)
  • How to prevent breakouts
  • Cleaning your brushes (video & recommendations)
  • Introduction to beauty styling (online platform)

Module 2: All Things skin

  • Skin type (video)
  • Foundation - finish | coverage | formula | order to apply products, undertone-color theory
  • Concealing- finish | coverage | formula for discoloration & texture (video & recommendations)
  • Highlight & Contour- creams vs. powders, learning your bad shadows
  • How to use light to make you look good.
  • Blush, bronzer, highlight- shimmer vs. mattes
  • Product application - 4+ models, different skin types.
  • Powder- pressed & loose

Module 3: Brows

  • Shaping, Styling & application solutions for sparse-full brows.
  • Formula & products for all skin types & brow situations
  • Product application- 4+ different types of brows and preferences
  • Hair removal & growth options

Module 4: Eyes

  • Creating shape & attention
  • Color theory
  • Product application- 4+ different models for a total of 12 looks
  • Looking younger
  • Prepping your eyes for longevity
  • Mascara styling
  • Eyelash education & application techniques

Module 5: Lips

  • Lip shaping & color options
  • Product application- 4+ different models for a total of 12 looks
  • How to create 3 lip options out of 1 lipstick.
  • How to compliment your lipstick
  • Lipstick challenge

Module 6: Bump up’s

  • Create a smokey eye with any color (video)
  • Transition multiple looks in 1 day.
  • Smokey Eye with 2 products

Module 7: Bonus Info.

  • Cosmetic enhancements
  • Facials what facials are good to treat common concerns.
  • Lash extension info
  • Hair extension info
  • Wardrobe basics info
  • Tanning vs. false tan
  • Hair styling tips
  • Stage Makeup 
  • On camera Makeup 

Meet our demo models


Virginia struggles with getting out of her comfort zone. 

She describes her style as "Natural with a bit of sparkle", and wants to learn "how to enhance her eyes for a night out without doing too much."

She wants to learn "I guess how to actually do my makeup for going out lol. Ok and wearing lipstick without it rubbing off or drying out my lips."

All sections are broken down into beauty & makeup lectures. Each subject through the course includes demo videos with 4-6 woman of different skin tones for a total of 12 looks.


Richta's biggest concerns are "dark circles, uneven skin tone and occasional break outs." 

She believes "Beauty is about being confident in your skin and makeup can help embellish that confidence. A good daily skin care routine can go a long way."

She wants, "to learn contouring, it’s fascinating what a few well placed brushes can do."


Summer's main beauty concerns are "Not looking MORE aged with make up on, Uneven skin tone due to break outs, two different eyes, and trying to balance them esthetically for print." 

She describes her style as "Super simple and natural" 

Her outlook on makeup & beauty is "I like to use it to accentuate, but not use it as a mask. I love being able to improve the way I look and feel."

All demo models used for this course are a variety of ages, have different skin types, skin tones and different eye color. 


Lisa's main beauty concerns are "looking pale, uneven eyebrows, and raccoon eyes from mascara". 

She describes her style as "Casual and easygoing" and wants to "learn how to use makeup in a bright and fresh way while also learning new products that would look good with her look!"

She believes that woman should learn "How to wear beautiful makeup without looking overdone"

By the end of this course you will learn how to:

  • use products to look younger
  • keep your makeup application under 10 minutes.
  • create an even skin tone
  • apply makeup for on camera 
  • truely identify your skin type
  • eliminate dark under eye circles
  • use eyeshadow
  • prevent chapped lips
  • use multi-functioning products for time efficiency
  • properly test new products 
  • prevent breakouts
  • apply makeup for stage 
  • create long lasting/all day makeup
  • get out of your makeup routine comfort zone

What people are saying about working with Meagan:

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